Much like Leann RimesHunter Hayes and Taylor SwiftCourtney Rau got her start in music at a very early age singing and performing for family and friends. With some help from the requisite piano, guitar and voice lessons, the Courtney Sound started to mold into the artist we hear today.

Courtney was always in charge, preferring to play by ear to the dismay of the Russian piano teacher hired by her parents while the family lived abroad in India and England. When her father’s job as an engineering executive finally settled the family in Washington DC, Courtney began performing in the school choir and theater productions. At the same time she discovered her love for writing poetry she begin to channel her poems into songs. As an eighth grader, Courtney showed such a propensity for writing and singing that her parents brought her to Nashville to pursue her musical dream. She began writing songs with renowned writers including Jamie O’Neal, Keith and Adrian Follese, Jim Cooper, and Tommy Collier.  With her family balancing their time between living in DC and Florida, Courtney found plenty of material and inspiration for her songs. Courtney’s song-writing has been influenced by top country vocalists from Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift to Garth Brooks and Lonestar— a band her father loved and whose music always brought up fond, warm memories of home for Courtney. One of her first singles, “After the Storm,” was directly inspired by the Carrie Underwood smash “Blown Away.”  It’s hard to believe lyrically and vocally that After the Storm was created and performed by someone as young as Courtney.  The vocals are reminiscent of Avril Lavigne, with a sultry sweet tone that matches the lyrics perfectly.   While Courtney had been recording and releasing prolifically, it wasn’t until she began working with producer/songwriter Joe Vulpis on her latest EP that her style and her uniqueness of sound came full circle. In a collection of tunes her blending country – pop with some street edge, the Courtney Sound was born.   Her new EP showcases Courtney’s enchanting mix of sparkling youth, tempered with the depth and maturity of a singer well beyond her years.

Tunes on this EP produced by Vulpis, range from Click, a foot tapping, sing along, feel good song about knowing you just clicked with that special someone, to the hope and excitement of new love of In That Moment, to the soulful ballad of keeping love alive with After the Storm, to the upbeat live in the moment anthem of One More Time and finally the you go girl sass of Shake.

Even more surprising is all this big sound is from a girl just doing her thing, balancing the demands of high school with her passion for singing, writing and performing.  Courtney’s star is definitely on the rise!

To date, Courtney has had two Top 40 hits with Shake and In That Moment on Billboard as well as a country Top 40 hit with Click.  Her shows this year spanned from coast to coast and included opening for Joe Diffie at the Chicago Summer Country Jam.  Courtney’s newest single Looks 2 Good 2B Bad is a collaboration she wrote with Kirsti Mana and Joe Vulpis.  A top 40 pop smash that defines the talent and diversity of who she is as an artists and writer.  The new single will be released to major market radio October 6th and will be available on iTunes.