Nominated as New Music Weekly’s “Best New Country Group” and “Breakthrough Country Artist of the Year” in 2014 with three charting singles going on to become number one chart toppers, The Leverton Band could be described as a blend of classic rock and country.

The Leverton Band members comprise Benny Leverton, Paula Leverton, and Phil Harris, with Barry McNair on keyboard and JJ Jackson on bass. Pioneering member, Benny Leverton had been touring for 15 years before meeting and marrying Paula Leverton who joined the band in 1990. The duo met one night when Benny was playing in the house band at Dee Ford Bar & Grill in Alabama and have been together since.

In 2010, The Leverton Band signed on solo artist, Phil Harris to join the evolving group and in 2015 they released “Real Heroes” which hit #1 on the New Music Weekly charts twice as well as #1 on the Indy World Charts. Additionally, hits “Polecat Holler” and “Take Me Back to Alabama.” also went #1 on Indy World Charts. The Leverton Band signed with Nashville’s, SkyTone Entertainment LLC in 2016 and has been working and writing with music industry veteran and Gold and Platinum Engineer / Producer Frank Green, the head of SkyTone. Stay tuned for more to come from this breakthrough group!